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Friday, November 29, 2019

importance of computer in our daily life:

importance of computer in our daily life:

Who does not use computers today? Every step of the way we are involved with the computer. The computer has made it easy for us to do all the hard work. Today, computers are used almost everywhere. Sitting at one end of the world, we can easily connect with people on the other side within a short period of time using this computer.
importance of computer in our daily life:
At present, computers are one of the most essential topic in our society. From the film world, we see what the use of computers and artificial intelligence is all about. Computer is a modern technology that is very important for us to learn. At least so we can explain to our next generation the importance of computers. Computers and the Internet are full of knowledge, Internet that we can access via computer, a completely different world where the good and the bad two are located. Most of the activities of the society which are made successful by the internet and computer, which is very helpful to us, Thousands of crimes are taking place in the Internet world. It is important to teach our computer to keep an eye on our children so that they do not go the wrong way. Since the advent of smartphone technology, young people have been moving towards that and creating an artificial world where communicating with each other. While I'm not calling this a bad thing, it's important to have a limit. The use of computer smartphones and the Internet will be much greater in the coming days. So from now on, if we don't keep an eye on that technology, we will fall far behind in the future. Moreover, employment is going to be a problem due to the increasing population in the world. Computer or the Internet is a world where we can build our careers also. There will come a time when there is almost no employment, at that time, the computer will become much bigger than our income source. Computer or the Internet is a world where the highest income source can be created. And even now we cannot imagine our world without a computer. So imagine if this is the case now, what can happen in the next 30 years or 50 years. 

Information in the field of education is used in many instances of computers in various institutes of the school and college. Those are the only way to teach the youth of the present society about computers. Although almost all Govt. school colleges do not offer much education on this computer in India. But of course, school-colleges are the only means by which students can be taught with different computer topics. About Microsoft Office, Web Designing, Programming Languages, Graphics designing etc. If all the government job areas are seen everywhere, computers are now widely used. If a student has to get a job then it is very important to have computer knowledge. 

Determining the weather, Large office & courts, In the field of scientific research, To determine illness and to find its solution And computers help doctors to perform major operations, Take Decision in International Play, Also the contribution of computers is hidden at every moment in our daily life. 

So now you may come to your mind that I will learn the computer, where will I learn? first of all I would like to highly recommend to buy a computer for personal use. The Internet has become extremely cheap these days, youTube is a platform, there is a wealth of knowledge. You can learn a lot about this computer at almost no cost at home. There are also millions of websites where information about computers is given. You can find those websites by searching Google and gaining knowledge from there. You can also get computer knowledge from various offline institutes or private institutes and get certificates but yes, beware of fake. Be careful not to go all the wrong way.

I have shared with you various computer related information on this website which you can gain a lot of knowledge at absolutely free of cost. 

I coached thousands of boys offline through a private institute from where I realized how much boys and girls are lacking in computer knowledge. So I decided to dedicate this website to further this young society so that they can further themselves. 

What is computer?
Computer is an electronic machine which can take input, can process this information and output that information. A storage device on a computer where millions of information can be stored. Computer language and human language are completely different. All data or information that the computer operates on is stored in 0's and 1's form. So, to communicate with the computer, a medium is needed which converts human language to machine language. Millions of information are stored on the computer which is stored in this machine language. We divide the computer into two parts, Hardware and software.

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