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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Best Forgot Hdfc Atm Pin Tips You Will Read This Year 2020

We are currently in the latest technology. We use a variety of websites, from smartphones to social media. This makes our security problem. Therefore, password protection is provided for various websites for technical security. As the password is secured in various parts of the smartphone, password of credit card, debit card, social media, banks is used in different places. So it is natural to forget a password. But it may seem a bit unusual to forget the debit card password. You might be doing a transaction online but then forget your debit card password. It is normal to be scared. Forgetting a debit card password in the past day, the online transaction is completely closed until a new password has been generated by the bank. And this task was a lot of time-consuming.  But now with the evolution of various banks, they have changed their rules so that even if you forget your debit card password you can re-generate it immediately. Let's know how to reset the HDFC Bank password if you forgot HDFC atm pin.

Forgot Hdfc Atm Pin

how to regenerate debit card pin through ATM?

Suppose you have gone to an ATM for cash withdrawals. Everything you need to do is complete, but you can't think of your debit card PIN. There's nothing to worry about. You can instantly change your debit cards PIN number.

1. Select the Forgot PIN or Regenerated ATM PIN option from the Main menu.

2. On the next screen, you will be asked to enter your registered mobile number. So do it. In it, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.

3. Enter the OTP number and you'll be redirected to a new screen where you can re-generate the PIN of your debit card.

4. Provide a new PIN number and confirm.

Immediately your debit card PIN will be changed and you. You can withdraw cash from any ATM or make a transaction from this new PIN number.

How to re-generate debit card PIN using Net Banking?

Maybe you went to a restaurant or at a shopping mall. Your shopping is completed, but your debit card password is forgotten when you see the cash payment. There is no HDFC ATM near you. Naturally, you will be very scared. Let's know how to change debit card pin through net banking without HDFC ATM.

1. Login to HDFC Net Banking from your mobile or laptop.

2. From the main menu select card option.

3. under the card section select Instant PIN Generation.

4. The next step will be to provide all your card information. (Like CVV, expiry date, card number, etc...) Please provide the card information correctly. One small mistake can thwart your efforts.

5. You will receive an OTP at your register mobile number. Enter the OTP number. You will be redirected to a new screen to provide a new PIN for your debit card.

6. Provide a new PIN number of your choice and confirm.

Successfully change your debit card PIN number, allowing you to make all types of transactions.

How to change HDFC ATM PIN through Mobile Banking?

If you have a good smartphone and internet connection, you can easily generate a PIN number of HDFC debit cards from your mobile. Download the HDFC Mobile Banking App and login. After logging in to Mobile Banking, provide all the details of your card correctly and provide the OTP number received on your register mobile number and change the PIN number on your debit card instantly. Now many banks will remind you directly of your forgotten debit card PIN number or credit card pin number through mobile banking.

Suppose you go out somewhere and the above three methods are not working properly due to poor Internet connection, at that point you may have forgotten the PIN number on your debit card, you can request to change the debit card PIN number by providing your card details through a phone call to HDFC Customer Care. Or you can request a PIN at your nearest branch to send your debit card from where you can collect your debit card PIN number. 

Never share your debit card information with anyone to Avoid fraud.

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